Real-time control for biological sample transportation

Optimize the logistics process, improve content security, and reduce laboratory costs and incidents.

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Traceability throughout the entire logistics process

frio pasivo
Passive Cold
Control temperatura
Temperature control
Mantenimiento temperatura
Temperature maintenance
Detección de alertas
Alert detection
Control de acceso
Control access
GPS real-time traceability
Access control
Alarm System

View, store and download all the data from our platform

Manage, receive and store automatically all the data from the pre-analytical chain and focus on improving your overall operation of the process.

Control and identify who participates in the entire process

Choose who and when participates in the operation through the opening and closing RFID name card system.

Anticipate and resolve faster the daily incidents

Detect and resolve daily incidents through the temperature control and impact alarm system.

Receive the info and Connect with your data system

Connect your applications with the Groenlandia Tech platform to unify all your information processes.

The most advanced solution for improving the control and traceability in the pre-analytical process

Specifically designed to improve operations and reduce the percentage of incidents.

informesPersonalizados icon
Custom reports

Optimize any process or procedure thanks to the data.

compliance icon
Compliance and certification

Information storage about our customer data and information

Choose your temperature range

We adapt to multiple uses by adapting our tempering model thanks to Nuuk’s isothermal properties. Maintain the temperature range you need up to a total of 32 hours without interruption.

Our commitment to the environment

Product reuse

Products designed and manufactured with the aim of replacing single-use policies.

Greater durability

All materials are resistant to shocks and transport mishaps. Both to protect the contents and to protect the condition of the fridge.

Sustainable manufacturing

Manufacturing endorsed by the EPD and made with 25% recycled materials.

Post-sales service and customer support

Onboarding and training

A specialized agent will guide you and help you get used to using our product and our platform.

Technical service

A team of professionals is available 24/7 to resolve any incident.

Help Desk
Solve without waiting. Any questions directly answered through the help center.

Our partners

Do you want to control your biological samples in real time?

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