Real-time monitoring system for the transportation of biological samples


Control and traceability throughout the logistics process.

Discover the most complete smart packaging on the market, specially designed to keep the contents under the cold chain parameters.

What is Groenlandia Tech?

The most advanced solution for the control and traceability of cold logistics.

Cloud Platform

Access to data at any time.

Smart Coolers

Solutions for cold logistics with Nuuk coolers.

Technical Service

24/7 support and assistance in case of any incident.

Custom Projects

Design of projects specific to customer needs.

Why Groenlandia Tech?

We can improve efficiency, anticipate incidents and manage your cold chain data. We raise the standard of biological sample logistics and ensure transparency of the process to those involved.

Control, traceability, and security throughout the entire shipment process.

Passive cold between 2ºC – 23ºC

Access control via RFID

Real-time traceability

Temperature control

Empty weight: less than 2.9 kg

Optical sensors

According to UN-3373x standards

Impact detection

Access and control data in an agile and intuitive way, anticipate any incident.

Sensitive material and data are secured thanks to access control via RFID cards and data encryption systems.

A platform with complete overview and control for multiple users. Extraction centers, laboratories, agencies and logistics companies.

Current location, out-of-range temperatures or impact detection, among other programmed alerts to be aware of everything, at all times.

Access and control data in an agile and intuitive way, anticipate any incident.

View and download all data from the platform.

Groenlandia Tech is always active

Our team: ready to guide you throughout the whole process.

Onboarding and training

A specialized agent will guide you to ensure you familiarize yourself with our platform.

Technical support

Problems? Our experts are available 24/7 at your service.

Help Desk

Quickly resolve any questions with our support center available 24/7.

Our partners

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