Discover Nuuk, the smart cooler

We improve the health logistics chain for cold transport of small samples in real time

More than an smart cooler

Empty weight of less than 2.9 kg
Optical sensors
Capacity for up to 240 samples

What can the Nuuk do?

Alert sytem

Temperature out of range, opening attempts and impact detection.

Temperature control

Control and monitor the temperature at which the content is loaded and transported.

Temperature maintenance

Excellent isothermal capacity for prolonged temperature maintenance.

Access control

Identification and assignment of users to control who and when accesses the content.

Passive cold

Cooling technology is adaptable to different temperature ranges.

Real-time traceability with GPS

Position triangulation via GPS to have the geographical locations of the routes.

How does it work?

The methodology has been designed to optimize and reduce the loss of materials and so that its adoption is simple and agile.

Load samples

safe and reliable

Use the RFID card

to close the fridge

Receive the data

throughout the entire transport

Use the RFID card

To open the fridge

Backed with all industry certifications

RGPD & LO 3/2018

Control, visibility and access security to the device throughout the transport process.


Aproved by AIDIMME in the Dangerous Goods Transportation Agreement by road.

UN 3373

Designed and manufactured under International Biological Substance Packaging Regulations.

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