Real-time data monitorization

Groenlandia Tech’s platform is a powerful tool that combines IoT technology with advanced features and operational services.
This way, costs can be reduced and operational efficiency can be increased.

Accuracy in every piece of data

The platform records all data so you can view it in real-time or analyze it once the cooler arrives to its destination.
This data is also accessible and easy to understand, both for the courier and the receiver, allowing them to optimize and
avoid incidents during transportation.

Temperature during transport

Battery level

Type of contents

Number of incidents

Duration of transportation

Time and place of start and origin

Intuition and accessibility

With Groenlandia Tech, we aim to offer absolute control over the data, making it understandable for all the stakeholders involved in the process. Therefore, our platform has an intuitive interface that allows the user to know the condition of the cooler and its contents without any previous technical training.

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