We move towards a more sustainable design

All products are designed and manufactured under our three fundamental values to preserve the environment.

Our Values

Our products are designed and manufactured through three fundamental values. Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact and improve current processes, contributing positively to the climate and society.

Product Reuse

Products designed and manufactured with the aim of replacing the single-use policy.


All materials are resistant to any incident, to protect the content and the fridge.

Sustainable Manufacturing

The EPD guarantees our production is made with 25% recycled materials.

ARPRO, the Best Material

We produce our materials with ARPRO EPP, Expanded Polypropylene material that comes from 25% recycled materials,aligning our values with the sustainable objectives of our customers.

Recycling Policy

The performance of our product allows us to extend the useful life between 5 and 8 years and 95% of our product is recyclable, once it is no longer useful.

Reverse Logistics

The decrease of the single-use products and the new sustainable policies, help to increase reverse logistics within the daily operations of our clients.

Do you want to control the transport of biological samples in real time?

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